Well, since I have joined this mailing list I can ask 
some questions that I've wondered about. I haven't 
read Heaven's Reach in a while, but I don't remember 
the book answering these questions. Maybe some list 
members might know.

Spoiler warning to anyone who hasn't read Heaven's 

1. When Gillian traded things with Uriel, did she take
 any rewqs? They'd be very valuable both for Earthclan
 and for that colony Alvin and Huck moved to.

You ask a` question that would most likely be answered
by our good Dr. Brin with, "Of course they did--just
as soon as I write in the need for them in a later story."

It ain't always completely thought out beforehand.
Authors do get surprised by their own future plot twists.

And that's 
Alvin, Mudfoot, and Huck on Harathrurptra.
 (Correct spelling anyone?)
Mudfoot can become VERY important if Harathrumta (Sp?)
has Rousit.
Does anybody remember the Rousit?
Contacting Aliens didn't.
(The above is subject, of course, to Dr. Brin actually
making the Rousit clients of the Hoon. It wasn't that 
clear in Heaven's Reach.)

2. Did we ever find out why Gillian wanted a herd of 
They speak to hydrogen breathers, IIRC.

I doubt they're legally available for uplift 
yet, (RE-Uplift, as they're on the downward slope.)
but Contacting Aliens does say they haven't been 
spotted (in the other Galaxy 2) in 2000 years. Did she
 figure they might be the last of their kind, and want
 to prevent the Jophur from killing them all? (It 
would also have made it possible for Dwer to take a 
few back to Jijo, but I doubt David Brin would make 
things so narratively "easy" for Jijo.)

3. When Streaker and Polkjhy exchanged people and 
chunks of hull, did Lark and Ling give any of the red 
rings to Gillian? Those things are a potent biological 
weapon against Jophur, even if used only as a 
defensive measure.
And Alvin could use the bio-life preservers in
his sailing business.

4. Lark saw an Urs on Polkjhy, stuck in an air bubble. 
Why would any Urs accept such a watery/confined fate? 
Better than having some er pop the bubble?

She'll be stuck in that little bubble for the rest of 
her life. Why didn't she go onto the Streaker while 
all those Dolphins were going onto Polkjhy?

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