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[...]  Time to displace fossil fuels
is a bit over two decades from the start.

Will probably take at least that long before second- and third-hand "used" electric vehicles get cheap enough for those who today cannot afford anything newer than that in a gasoline-powered vehicle to start being able to afford to replace their current vehicles that they have to have to get to work, school, the grocery store, the doctor, etc. It's also highly unlikely that things will change enough any sooner than that in most places in the US and elsewhere outside of a few densely-packed urban centers like NYC for most people to be able to do without individual powered transportation for those necessary trips: IOW, most places I've lived the bus or other public transportation is only good for going downtown in the morning and coming back in the evening after "regular business hours," and not even that from many places where people live, and most people have too far to go or have disabilities or other health conditions which would prevent them from walking or riding a bicycle to/from work, even when it's not raining or other inclement weather, or their job requires them to arrive in a suit or other specified attire, looking and smelling fresh, and stay that way all day, and the business doesn't have and probably has no place to install locker rooms with showers. Then there are the ones who have to carry tools or samples or other bulky items with them, and pretty much everyone who has to bring groceries home or take kids to the doctor or multiple kids to multiple schools, music lessons, soccer practice, etc. . . .

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