Late last year when I wasn't feeling well and needed some lighter
reading than The Lord of the Rings, I started the Dragonriders of
Pern series.

Now that I'm feeling better somehow I got sidetracked into very
complicated math and trying to make the GURPS solar system
simulator and GURPS Uplift alien generator even more complicated...

by the way anyone know of a good source of free/public phase diagrams
for compounds such as methane, ethane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc.?
As in, a book that might be found at a library?


> Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 15:37:57 -0500 
> Subject: Re: 
> I just picked up KSR's 2312 and Jack Campbell's The Lost Stars:  
> Tarnished Knights (sequel series to the Lost Fleet series). Haven't  
> started reading them. I was re-reading Sword of Shanarra as MTV is  
> threatening a new series al a Game of Thrones. It's turning into a slog  
> (seemed much better when I was a kid!) 
> Damon.                                          

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