That would be me. Don't know why I didn't see any notices about the held mail until the other day. Odd.


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AT LAST my messages from like 6 months ago when I joined the mailing list have materialized. Though I do wonder what took so long. I see references to messages that I know I have not gotten, so I think there's also something preventing my address from receiving some messages from this list. Who is the list manager? > Hello. There are plenty of real names and plenty of ‘nyms > here, so don’t be shy either way. “ES” or “zoon33” both > seem reasonable enough - as long as you’re consistent or > let the rest of us know your wishes who are we to argue? Hello! I hope my real name isn't showing! I cannot find any controls to make the email service stop doing that. I will go with E.S. for now. > It’s been quiet recently but every now and again this place > sputters into life… I doubt it’ll ever reach the volumes of > The Old Days again (unless DB WRITES MORE UPLIFT BOOKS…) but > there’s always room for discussion. Wouldn't that be nice! Heaven's Reach ended on gigantic cliffhangers, such as WILL HUMANITY GO EXTICT!? :p > At one point, there was "Between a Grok and a Hard Pace" on the net. > My fanfic set 100 years before Brightness Reef. A Qheuen challenges > a G'Kek to a downhill race--and wins. Then for the sake of continued > peace, it's all hushed up. > > Only worth being a fanfic when written. > > Vilyehm I think I read that once... the qheuen attached itself to a section of boo and used it as a giant wheel, right? ~E.S. _______________________________________________

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