A team with a telescope (BICEP2) at the South Pole 
announced March 17 that they have detected the 
imprint of primordial gravitational waves on the 
cosmic microwave background radiation.


If this finding is confirmed it will have huge 
implications. According to (my reading of) the 
summaries put up by Nature, this would:

1. Come close to confirming inflation theory, and 
give evidence for a multiverse.

2. Come close to disproving the cyclical (oscillating 
universe) and ekpyrotic (colliding branes) theories.

3. Demonstrate that gravity is a quantized phenomenon 
and potentially provide insight into quantum gravity.

4. Tell cosmologists when inflation started, when it 
ended, how long it took, how fast the universe 
inflated, how the rate of inflation varied over time, 
and at what energy level it happened.

5. Start pruning models from the inflation theory hedge,
and possibly from string theory and axion theory.

First Higgs bosons, and now gravitational waves. I'm 

Now we just need to turn this new data into a way to 
travel faster than light ;)

~ E.S.                                    

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