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Louis, you have raised a very interesting subject. How can anybody say that the 
views expressed by some 'physicsts' about reality, time and quantum world have 
nothing to do with Marxism?  We have to put up a frontal attack on the 
non-scientific nonsense, in the guise of science. To top it all, one famous 
scientist claims that mathematical equations gave rise to the universe! 
Vijaya Kumar M

I don't think that time is an 'illusion', and I consider myself a materialist, 
and I have to defer to the observational ability of sub-atomic and 
astrophysicists; but it seems to me that time is not an independent phenomenon; 
it is a human-devised system to describe human perception of the changes in the 
ever-fluctuating status of matter (e.g. days, years, life spans, half-lives).

A typical dictionary definition of time would be 'a system of sequential 
relations'. It's kinda like the tree falling in the forest - if there's no 
sentient ear, there's no sound.

By the way, I think that from a practical perspective, 'space' isn't an 
independent phenomenon either. It's just the absence of matter. Discussions of, 
say, 'curved space' are really describing the relation/activity of matter or 
- Mike Fahey

People should understand that I only post such material to get a rise out of 
folks like Jeff. It is like the sand that irritates the oyster.
Louis Proyect

Aha! I should have known.
More surprisingly though, I now see that there are others on this list who 
might fancy playing the same game -- even to the point of advancing idealist 
conceptions on a Marxism list! -- so I'll avoid snatching the bait. If anyone 
wants to discuss serious questions of physics, I would participate. If they 
would like to couch their questions or comments in terms of "Marxism" I can 
deal with that too. After all, physics and Marxism share the same underlying 
philosophical basis: materialism. But neither usefully informs the content of 
the other.
- Jeff


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