Revision: 69044

Author:   brlcad
Date:     2016-10-13 13:46:09 +0000 (Thu, 13 Oct 2016)
Log Message:
unhelpful complexity, consolidate the assert macros back to one

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Modified: brlcad/trunk/CHANGES
--- brlcad/trunk/CHANGES        2016-10-13 12:41:08 UTC (rev 69043)
+++ brlcad/trunk/CHANGES        2016-10-13 13:46:09 UTC (rev 69044)
@@ -610,14 +610,20 @@
 have been identified in chronological order.  As expressions are not
 extensively tested, use with caution.
-Unless noted otherwise, expressions are shown using Perl syntax and
-may need adjustment (particularly quoting of '(', ')', and '|'
-characters) for other environments.  Most expressions will apply with:
-       perl -0777 -pi -e 'EXPRESSION' FILE
+Unless noted otherwise, expressions are shown using Perl syntax (i.e.,
+the '(', ')', and '|' characters pertain to subexpression captures,
+escape with '\' to match literally.  Expressions should apply with:
-To apply them to an entire SVN checkout, the following pattern is useful:
+perl -0777 -pi -e 'EXPRESSION' FILE
+To apply an expression to an entire SVN checkout, the following
+pattern is useful:
 find . -type f -not -path "*.svn/*" -regex '.*\(c\|cpp\|cxx\|h\|hpp\)$' -exec 
perl -0777 -pi -e 'EXPRESSION' {} \;
+Our catalog of minimally impacting changes follows with the most
+recent changes listed at the bottom.
 6.0 (sed lines)
 g/struct structparse/s//struct bu_structparse/g
@@ -1293,3 +1299,5 @@
         rename old nurbs functions intertwined with nmg to use nmg prefix 
        make nmg debug flag top level, like libbu's [7.26]

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