Revision: 70695

Author:   starseeker
Date:     2018-02-13 02:44:53 +0000 (Tue, 13 Feb 2018)
Log Message:
Looking into debugging output support - need to decide how much to replicate in 
new system, and how much no longer makes sense...

Modified Paths:

Modified: brlcad/trunk/src/libanalyze/nirt.cxx
--- brlcad/trunk/src/libanalyze/nirt.cxx        2018-02-12 14:06:23 UTC (rev 
+++ brlcad/trunk/src/libanalyze/nirt.cxx        2018-02-13 02:44:53 UTC (rev 
@@ -60,9 +60,12 @@
 #define VERT            1
 #define DIST            2
+// TODO - I think these three debugging modes make sense only in the
+// front end application, but need to double check.
 #define DEBUG_INTERACT  0x001
 #define DEBUG_SCRIPTS   0x002
 #define DEBUG_MAT       0x004
 #define DEBUG_BACKOUT   0x008
 #define DEBUG_HITS      0x010

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