I saw your benchmark logs and it looks like you ran the non-opencl version 
three times, which is almost certainly why the performance rankings were nearly 
identical.  You’ll want to run “TIMEFRAME=60 DEVIATION=1 benchmark run” for the 
non-ocl path and “TIMEFRAME=60 DEVIATION=1 benchmark run -z1” to get the ocl 
path.  It should show that additional -z1 rt option in the summary log.


Awesome TrueReg realization… I dug through the history and that surprisingly 
goes all the way back, nearly to the beginning.  Half-guessing as to the 
intention but there’s a hint that it was going to be used to hand back more 
information to callers for XOR and overlap cases where there is ambiguity.  
Instead, it looks like a decision was made to simply rewrite the nodes and 
handle them in other ways. Running a performance impact check now.


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