Alex ARNAUD (2018/05/14 20:30 +0200):
> Le 12/05/2018 à 23:59, Mario Lang a écrit :
> > Are you only having problems with this particular
> > command, or do the display keys not work at all?  What firmware version
> > is on the Actilino?  And which connection type is being used (USB or
> > Bluetooth)?
> With the help of Shérab, we're going to organize a workshop this week in
> Paris to tackle down this issue. We'll come back here to share the
> result.

So we met yesterday evening and could help our friend, Thomas, to use
his Actilino device. Everything seems to work well, including the use of
brltty tofollow graphical terminalswhich is a feature that is perhaps
not as well known as it diserves by the community.

Best wishes,

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