Hello, Getting there
>did the following
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install autoconf
sudo apt-get install tcl
sudo apt-get install gawk
git clone https://github.com/brltty/brltty.git
>Did this in ~/Documents instead of ~/Downloads no security issues now
sudo make install
>now error messages at all,  runs very smoothly
>edited brltty.conf and copied file to /etc
sudo controlvt=1 brltty
>without sudo no response on brailledisplay? Is this allowed
>BRLTTY6.0 rev BRLTTY-6.0-347-gcff41e85 [http://brltty.app]
>When I compile apiclient, the example you give in the manual,
>I get after; ./apiclient or controlvt=1 ./apiclient
>the message; brlapi_openConnection: Authentication failed
>brltty running but now an issue with brlapi_openConnection()
>must I fill in some variables?
>function call in apiclient is if (brlapi_openConnection(NULL,NULL)<0) {error} 
>else {drivername}
Thanks for the input, please help me out with the last hobble, Eric
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