>>I downloaded the latest development code from github and compiled it.
>>The problem persists.
>Your log does show that you're running newer code, but I still think you're

>running the old code. Are you sure you're picking up the newly compiled
>driver? For that matter, are you sure that you've even recompiled the

I downloaded brltty from github:
$ git clone https://github.com/brltty/brltty.git
Then I built it:
$ cd brltty
$ ./autogen
$ ./configure
$ make
Earlier I gone into brltty/Programs and ran the executable:
$ cd Programs
$ sudo killall brltty
$ sudo ./brltty
Then it don't worked.
But if I installed it, then it works!
$ sudo make install
$ sudo killall brltty
$ sudo brltty
And now the keys on the pronto works!
Thank you for all help!

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