Dave Mielke <d...@mielke.cc> wrote:
>The control and alt keys produce odd results.
> Yes, please do. We'll try to get this all figured out.

Hum, this is interesting.
I killed Brltty, turned off the braillesense, and then restarted the unit in 
its terminal mode. Then restarted Brltty.
This time, I was able to do the c-a key sequence for screen, and alt_1-2-3 etc 
for switching windows in Irssi.
I'm not sure what was happening there, maybe Brltty had a dangling process that 
didn't die last time and thus not all changes were working. Whatever it was, it 
seems to be working now.
The other change I made was removing the regular USB keyboard from the system. 
Do you think that might have something to do with it?
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