I'm missing a feature which would allow me to define a regular expression
pattern that would be matched to decide what content on screen is a prompt and
what is not for NXPROMPT/PRPROMPT commands. This would most likely be
defined in brltty.conf.

Currently I think that when using the above mentioned commands, brltty uses
whatever there is on the currently displayed line (from the beginning up to
the first space) as the prompt string which it then compares to beginnings of
other lines.

This approach does not work, if the prompt does not end in a space, or if the
prompt is constantly changing (e.g. if it displays a line number, time, exit
status of last process, etc.).

Therefore I wish that a user-defined regex could be matched against
screen content to decide whether something is a prompt or not.

The default prompt could be set to be something like "^[^ ]+ " to match
current behaviour, or something more complicated, e.g. "^[^ >]*[ >]".

Thank you all for your input!

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