While looking at brltty running in X11 with the AtSpi2 driver, the
question of smooth integration with clipboards raised.

While copy/pasting from the Linux console to/from X11 is not a simple
matter, having a brltty instance running inside X11 with the AtSpi2
driver to copy/paste between xterms and the rest of X11 makes a lot of
sense.  I however see two competing approaches:

- let brltty have its own clipboard as it already does, and expose it
to the X11 protocol by implementing the selection&cutbuffer behaviors.
That would allow to keep the exact same behavior as on the Linux
console, with the additional benefit that it can cooperate with other
X11 applications.  The selection&cutbuffer behavior is however quite a
beast with content type negociation etc., it's not something that can be
implemented over night :)

- make brltty only select text in the xterm, and let xterm do all the
selection&cutbuffer management.  It'd mean to just make the brltty
core call a screen driver method to notify of the selection performed
by CLIP_NEW+COPY_LINE, and the AtSpi2 driver can then just notify the
xterm.  That doesn't allow rectangular selection, clipboard accumulation
etc., but the implementation should be quite easy.

What do people think?

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