Ok, I found a problem: I compiled it without ncurses support originally (because you have to give ncurses as explicit dependency in your nix-shell) and it worked.

With ncurses support, only the dot display is shown, and I think I have located the problem: [1] says that Newline does a clrtoeol, which deletes the current line. So addstr("\r\n") will set the cursor to the beginning of the current line and then delete it. Replacing it with just "\n" will make it work for me, but I am not sure how that will be when no ncurses is available.

Christoph-Simon Senjak


On 18.09.2016 01:27, Dave Mielke wrote:
[quoted lines by Christoph-Simon Senjak on 2016/09/18 at 00:57 +0200]

It appears to work.

Thanks for testing it.

Will you add this patch to the git repo?


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