Please update bucardo.schema file with the following (starting from the line 1745):

{ name => 'bucardo_purge_delta', args => 'text', returns => 'text', body => q{
  myrec RECORD;
  myrez TEXT;
  total INTEGER = 0;

  SET LOCAL search_path = pg_catalog;

-- Grab all potential tables to be vacuumed by looking at bucardo_delta_targets FOR myrec IN SELECT DISTINCT tablename FROM bucardo.bucardo_delta_targets LOOP
    SELECT INTO myrez
      bucardo.bucardo_purge_delta_oid($1, myrec.tablename);
    RAISE NOTICE '%', myrez;
    total = total + 1;

RETURN 'Tables processed: ' || to_char(total,'99999999999999999999999999999999999999');

} ## end of bucardo_purge_delta body

It fixes the error:

(20817) [Wed Sep 21 13:57:11 2016] VAC Warning! VAC was killed at line 7727: DBD::Pg::st pg_result failed: ERROR: operator is not unique: unknown || integer
LINE 1: SELECT 'Tables processed: ' || total
HINT: Could not choose a best candidate operator. You might need to add explicit type casts.
QUERY:  SELECT 'Tables processed: ' || total

Thank you in advance.

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