Hi Arash,

2016-10-16 12:03 GMT+02:00 Arash Esbati <arash.esbati...@gmail.com>:
> I considered that, but dropped the idea because of various reasons:
> natbib does not have uppercase version of the commands (e.g. \Citep), I
> had to include them in biblatex.el anyway.  Other commands like
> \citeauthor are already in biblatex.el and I didn't want to go for a
> possible clash.

Good points.

> As a personal note, I'm not really happy with the
> function `natbib-note-args' which inserts a pair of brackets when pre
> and post notes are omitted:

By the way, `natbib-note-args' is a pretty old function, but doesn't
follow the standard naming adopted within AUCTeX nowadays.  If you're
going to touch it, please rename it.

> And finally, I was reluctant to load a style where the respective
> package is marked "incompatible".

I don't agree on this.  The LaTeX packages are incompatible, but
AUCTeX only cares about the user interfaces they provide: if the
macros provided by the natbib package and the natbib compatibility
layer bundled in biblatex were exactly equal, I'd see no reason why we
couldn't load natbib hook within biblatex.  However, you explained
that this is not the case, so I think you can apply the patch you
suggested yesterday.


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