Sorry. I realize I wasn't clear in my last email. My original bug report was 
using the latest version of auctex (12.1.0). 
Hence, the bug seems to be in the latest version (as of this writing).


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Subject: Re: bug#30548: 2014-11-01; smartparen-latex with delete-selection-mode

Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali <> writes:

> Unfortunately, by the time I noticed the bug, I have already had
> multiple updates so I am not sure which version was working.
> However, I am pretty sure I am using AUCTeX 12.1.0 right now. I am
> probably using TeXLive 2014 though.
> When I use `M-x package-list-packages`
> I have this line:
>   auctex             12.1.0        installed             Integrated 
> environment for *TeX*

It looks good.  What is the situation reg. the bug?  Do you still face
the problem or can I close this report?

Best, Arash

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