Hi Doko,

Thanks for your reply.

On 14-01-2019 11:57, Matthias Klose wrote:
> On 12.01.19 21:37, Chaim Zax wrote:
>> Because autoconf can be used outside a Debian environment this solution
>> might not work for everyone. Perhaps the AC_SEARCH_LIBS function should
>> be extended so function arguments needed to check a library could be
>> provided as well, or perhaps there is an other way to make it compatible
>> with g++ 8.
> g++ 8 got more strict. You could check if that's the case for g++ 9 as well 
> (or
> gcc-snapshot).  In any case, autoconf should be adjusted to avoid the 
> warning/error.

Do you happen to know why g++ 8 happens to fail on this library and
doesn't fail on other libraries we checked? Does g++ know which
libraries it includes and is it pickier on those?


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