Update of sr #110215 (project autoconf):

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Follow-up Comment #3:

Never mind, I found the discussion on bug-autoconf.  This *is* arguably a
regression from 2.69.  Copying over the relevant bits of that discussion:

Nick Bowler:
> ... the long-obsolete AC_HEADER_STDC, previously used internally by
> is now a no-op (and is not used at all within Autoconf anymore), so
> that change is likely what made the first use of AC_EGREP_HEADER the
> one inside the if condition, causing the observed results.

Eric Blake:
> We already have autoupdate remove a call to AC_HEADER_STDC and
> replace it with the direct side-effect results of setting
> STDC_HEADERS and TIME_WITH_SYS_TIME; should we also tweak that to
> preserve the side-effect of AC_REQUIRES([AC_EGREP_HEADER)], to
> minimize the pain on external projects unaware that they were
> depending on that side-effect? Or maybe just tweak the NEWS blurb to
> mention that users depending on $GREP being set early may need to be
> careful?

Having autoupdate insert AC_REQUIRE([AC_PROG_EGREP]) for AC_HEADER_STDC,
and mentioning this issue in NEWS, both seem like good ideas to me.


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