Recently, I want to add some keybindings for vi mode's vi-insert submode, I add the following lines into ~/.inputrc file:
    set editing-mode vi
    set keymap vi-insert
    "\C-A" :  beginning-of-line
    "\C-B" :  backward-char
    "\C-F" :  forward-char
    "\C-E" :  end-of-line
    ... ...

In fact, I put almost all the emacs key bindings into vi-insert submode, since the default key bingdings of readline for vi-insert submode is too weak. By this way, I want to get the benefits from the two world. But it does not work, I have searched the web, but it is very difficult to find useful resource about vi mode in readline. Is the vi mode well implemented by readline? How to set key bindings under vi-insert submode? I am very anxious to get your answer?
  Thanks a lot!


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