Thanks for the quick reply!   A local unix guru also told me the same thing.

So, just to make sure I really understand this, here is how I understand ssh
worked: even thought I gave the command bash -c 'ulimit -a' as 3 separate
strings, ssh (either the client or the server) actually concatenate them
into one, and sshd forks a shell to parse the concatenated command string,
in this case "bash -c ulimit -a".    Correct me if I am wrong.

Glad I learned something new.

Bob Proulx wrote:
> peter360 wrote:
>> Can someone explain this to me?  Why am I not seeing correct results from
>> ulimit after ssh into localhost?  Thanks!
>> $ ssh localhost bash -c 'ulimit -a'
>> unlimited
> You have insufficiently quoted your argument to ssh.  This is causing
> bash not to get "ulimit -a" but to get "ulimit" "-a" instead.  You are
> seeing the output of "ulimit".
> Try this:
>   ssh localhost "bash -c 'ulimit -a'"
> And this:
>   echo ulimit -a | ssh localhost bash
> Bob

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