> I noticed that bash has changed behaviour regarding subshell handling,
> breaking a script of mine.  Now a script with -e fails when a subshell
> fails whereas it didn't before.  I looked at the CHANGES file and
> couldn't find anything about this, so I wanted to ask if this change
> was intentional or if this is a bug.
> In fact, there's something in CHANGES that might be relevant but the
> description isn't really clear at all:
>   l.  Changed behavior of shell when -e option is in effect to reflect 
> consensus
>       of Posix shell standardization working group.

This behavior is one of the consequences of the Austin Group's interpretation.
Failures of user-specified subshells cause the shell to exit when set -e is
in effect.  The key piece of the interpretation was to widen the scope of
commands that cause the shell to exit without an explicit exception from
simple commands to all commands.


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