On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 11:30:56AM -0700, Linda Walsh wrote:
> How about, w/r/t the new warning -- I complain because the null bytes
> are missing after bash knowingly detected them and illegally modified
> the input.  Putting out a warning about null bytes, doesn't mean it's
> "ok" to drop them.  Now it's just compounded with an anti-unix (silence
> is golden) warning message.

Bash *cannot* store the NUL bytes in the result of a command substitution.
It's completely impossible.  Calling that an "illegally modified input"
is disingenuous.

Bash has only three choices that I can think of: it can silently drop the
NUL bytes (4.3 behavior), it can drop ALL of the bytes and return an
error, or it can drop the NUL bytes with a warning (4.4 behavior).

I understand that you, personally, prefer the 4.3 behavior, and that
you want Chet to change it back.

Well, I'm not Chet, and I can't change it back for you, but I can give
you a workaround to suppress the warning.  That's what I did.

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