Daniel Colascione wrote:
One such case is Cygwin --- I'm not sure how "contrived" it is. Cygwin has an old-fashioned non-COW fork, and to add insult to injury, process creation generally is very slow (~100ms). It pays to eliminate subshells in that environment.
Given what Cygwin has to work around in Windows -- it is very contrived.
MS has copy-on-write available to MS processes, that it's not usable in
Cygwin isn't surprising given that most of Windows is closed-source.

But if you really want bash on your windows, use a native copy.  It's
not as likely to have the same problems (https://techcrunch.com/2016/03/30/be-very-afraid-hell-has-frozen-over-bash-is-coming-to-windows-10/)

Apparently there is a Windows Subsystem for Linux that is currently in Beta
for Win10:

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