On 12/1/16 3:21 PM, Vladimir Marek wrote:
> Hi,
> I am attaching patch against tests/run-all with the hope that the
> changes can be accepted upstream. The patch should be self explanatory.
> For completeness here are the errors I saw before I erased SHELLOPTS
> variable

I can see doing this.  From the error messages in your message, it seems
like you enable posix mode via SHELLOPTS.  The tests definitely don't
expect to be run in posix mode.

As for your other suggestions, bash-4.4 doesn't use /tmp/xx; that's a
remnant from previous versions.  bash-4.4 sets, exports, and uses
$BASH_TSTOUT.  Also, sh is just used to run each test harness (e.g.,
run-redir).  All of those scripts run the actual test scripts using
$THIS_SH, so there's no real gain to using $THIS_SH there.

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