2017-03-20 16:32:10 -0400, Chet Ramey:
> > See also:
> > 
> > $ bash -c 'f() { unset a; echo "$a";}; a=1; a=2 f'
> > 1
> > 
> > already mentioned.
> A distinction without a difference; the behavior is explicitly the same.

One I haven't mentioned yet is:

$ bash -c 'f() { local a; unset a; echo "$a";}; a=1; a=2 f'

IOW, the work around I was mentioning earlier (of using "local"
before "unset" to make sure "unset" unsets) doesn't work in that
case. You'd need to use the same work around as for mksh/yash
(call unset in a loop until the variable is really unset (with
the nasty side effect of unsetting the variable in a scope
you're need meant to tamper with) so you'd want to do it in a


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