On 2/2/18 7:42 AM, Alexander Kozlenkov wrote:
> Hello!
> Thanks for your project!
> On days I did building bash v4.4.18 for using vi-ins-mode-string and
> vi-cmd-mode-string variables in VI mode (insert and command modes).
> But, when I print long string, line break don't work for the first input
> line:
>     > (ins):15:30:03:sah4ez@PC001:~/git/bash-4.4.18$
>     > 11111115:24:36:sah4ez@PC001:~/git/bash-4.4.18$
> 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
> When I print more symbols, line break work well.

What's your $PS1?

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