On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 10:21:03AM -0400, Chet Ramey wrote:
> On 4/11/18 12:21 AM, Murukesh Mohanan wrote:
> > This has come up in the past, and was somewhat resolved (<
> > http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-bash/2014-03/msg00097.html>), but
> > bash's behaviour is still a but surprising IMHO. While globstar doesn't
> > descend further into symlinks, symlinked directories are selected as a
> > candidate for matches to ** itself. But zsh doesn't do this:
> Before I look at this, note that this doesn't demonstrate anything: you
> haven't enabled the `globstar' option, so `**' isn't treated specially.
> > $ bash -c '(d=$(mktemp -d); cd "$d"; mkdir a; ln -s a b; touch a/a.c c.c;
> > echo **/*.c; cd ..; rm -r "$d")'
> > a/a.c b/a.c

Here's a possibly more useful demonstration:

wooledg:~$ mkdir /tmp/x; cd /tmp/x
wooledg:/tmp/x$ mkdir dir; ln -s dir link; touch dir/file
wooledg:/tmp/x$ shopt -s globstar
wooledg:/tmp/x$ echo **
dir dir/file link
wooledg:/tmp/x$ echo **/file
dir/file link/file

I think the complaint is about the handling of "**/file" here.

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