Le 4 nov. 08 à 22:39, Sergei Steshenko a écrit :

        BISON_NO_ADDED_SEMICOLON=1 bison ...

Actually, adding a command line option is better generally speaking.

This is because command line option affects only the tool in question
('bison' in this case) while environment variables can collide since they
are global. At all, I once was forced in a work environment with 400+
environment variables, and awfully strange things were happening in it - because when environment space is overflown, there is not even a warning.

So for the rest of my life I'm against environment variables :-).

I don't like envvars either, but I do not want to maintain a new option for a temporary hack that will eventually be removed (but the option will be there sitting virtually for ever). Besides, in the current case it is much simpler for some people, such as ourselves for instance, to have the envvar set and test many different packages, rather than having to dig into tens of Makefiles to find where the options must be given.

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