Hi Nelson!

You, running the Bison test suite, is a wonderful news!  Thanks
_a whole lot_ for this.

> Le 30 oct. 2018 à 21:14, Nelson H. F. Beebe <be...@math.utah.edu> a écrit :
> I've just done test builds of bison-3.2 with CC=cc in our
> test farm: 204 builds, of which 77 passed their tests.
> There are, however, 92 systems that fail like this:
>  CC       lib/xmemdup0.o
>  AR       lib/libbison.a
>  ar: -lm: No such file or directory
> or
>  ar: fatal: Can't specify both -m and -r
> or
>  ar: -lrt: No such file or directory
> or
>  ar: two different operation options specified

I’m very sorry about this.  I have already fixed this here:


and a few more issues.  You should try this tarball instead:



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