Roberto Spadim wrote:
i think that DF is understanding /mnt/smb (smbfs mount point) as / disk usage
but if i umount it and get again df and du -s /*, df still with 88%

No, df asks the filesystem itself for the information with statfs(), so the only way it is wrong is if the fs is damaged. You might want to fsck it.

what could i do? i think that DU is right, but DF is the main problem since, if i do:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/test bs=1024 count=very big count
i get:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] /]# dd if=/dev/zero of=/test bs=1024 count=5000000000
rm /testdd: escrevendo `/test': Não há espaço disponível no dispositivo
1194693+0 records in
1194692+0 records out
1223364608 bytes (1,2 GB) copied, 37,6201 s, 32,5 MB/s

so, df is my problem since i have "only" 1.2 gb,

df said you had 1.2 gb free, so it appears you have confirmed that it is correct.

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