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> # Create 3 symbolic links inside those directories.
> ln -s a1/a2         /tmp/a0/a2
> ln -s /tmp/a0/a2/b3 /tmp/c0/b3
> ln -s /tmp/a0/a2/a3/a4/a5 /tmp/c0/b3/b4/a5

The problem is that we are crossing the /tmp/a0/a2 symlink twice, so
canonicalize_filename_mode thinks this is a loop.  But in fact the
reference comes from different symlink expansions, and the second one
uses a different way through the filesystem.  Due to the way cycle_check
works this testcase only works when the offending symlink is the second,
fourth, eighth, ... one encountered.  The kernel can cope because it
only errors out after a fixed number of symlink expansions, independent
of the actual nodes crossed.


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