Eric Blake wrote:
> According to C de-Avillez on 5/3/2009 5:55 PM:
>> fatal: reference is not a tree: a771b77559753840d51609c779d526590e6a0144
>> Unable to checkout 'a771b77559753840d51609c779d526590e6a0144' in
>> submodule path 'gnulib'
> I'm seeing it too.  The problem is that Jim checked in a submodule link to
> a commit that he had in his local gnulib.git, but which has not been
> pushed to savannah (and probably would get lost due to rebasing in the
> meantime, since gnulib tends to prefer linear history rather than merges).

Thanks to both of you.
I just noticed this and fixed it.

Now I need a build-check to prevent recurrence.

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