On Saturday 26 of September 2009 13:04:42 balu mohan wrote:
> hi..i am using fedora10..my pc config is(intel 915series borad,1.5gb
> ram(1gb+512),256 Nvidia grafics card)
> my problem is,wen i am using this 1.5 gb ram i cant use fedoara...after
> entering the username and password the pc become hang....i cant do anything
> but wen itried to boot after removing the 512 ram..its booting...both ram
> havin the same processing speed..
> i tried with adding 1 more 512 ram...but then also the same problem and i
> done memory test also...it also shows tat there is no errors with my
> memory.
> what should i do?????

Let me note this is completely wrong mailing list for reporting this!

I think you want to test your RAM and/or chipset first by e.g. memtest:

Please discuss the issue at one of the Fedora mailing lists or an IRC channel 
instead. Thanks in advance!


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