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>>> 1) thinking either rmdir shouldn't generate an error or mkdir should
>>> mkdir -p a/../b      # no error
>> a needs to be created,
>> a/.. already exists, so it silently does nothing,
>> a/../b needs to be created
>>> rmdir -p a/../b      # error, but a & b removed
>> a/../b needs to be removed,
>> a/.. needs to be removed, but you can't do that,
>> at this point, POSIX is fuzzy whether to attempt to remove 'a', or to
>> give up since 'a/..' was already an error; but obviously coreutils
>> removes 'a'
> What version of core-utils shows this behavior. In the latest one it's not 
> removed AFAICS.

Hmm, you're right. I was going off the (incorrect) comment in the text
above, rather than actually testing it; so it looks like coreutils gives
up on the first error, rather than trying to remove a.

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