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On 04/11/2018 06:44 PM, Vladimir Tiukhtin wrote:
> Hello
> So yes
>     df --output=size
> works perfect as well as
>     df -T
> but not
>     df --output=type
> getting
>     df: option --output: field ‘type’ unknown

I guess you meant '--output=fstype' instead?
>From --help output:

  FIELD_LIST is a comma-separated list of columns to be included.  Valid
  field names are: 'source', 'fstype', 'itotal', 'iused', 'iavail', 'ipcent',
  'size', 'used', 'avail', 'pcent', 'file' and 'target' (see info page).

Thus, I'm marking this as not a bug and done in our bug tracker.
Of course, you are encouraged to reply to this if you think we
could e.g. improve the docs to avoid such a misunderstanding.

Have a nice day,

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