Le 2018-08-11 à 02:12, Bernhard Voelker a écrit :
On 08/10/2018 08:24 PM, andré wrote:
nice -n 1 (command)
nice --adjustment=1 (command)

produces niceness of 10

how do you check this?

on a system with default niceness of 0
coreutils version 8.25
package coreutils-8.25-3.mga6.src.rpm compiled 2017-05-02 by Mageia

expected behavior :
produce niceness of 1

I cannot reproduce here ('nice' wasn't changed to this regard since 8.25):

   $ nice --version | head -n1
   nice (GNU coreutils) 8.30
   $ nice
   $ nice -n 1 nice

'nice' only adds 10 if I don't specify a number:

   $ nice nice

Could you please show us a reproducer?

when I do :

nice -n 1 chromium-browser

mate-system-monitor under processes shows
priority (niceness) of 10 for each chromium-browser process.
(there is one process by page)

If in mate-system-monitor I change priority (niceness) to 1, it is changed to 1.

Just tested with gkrellm
nice -n 1 gkrellm
produces niceness of 1 (as shown by mate-system-monitor)

so the problem affects chromium-browser if invoked with nice, but not all other applications (and maybe only chromium-browser)

I tried
nice '-n 1' chromium-browser
it still gives niceness of 10

Maybe because each page has a separate process, and '-n 1' is lost ?
(every chromium process started has a niceness of 10)

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