I noticed some broken checksums with leading backslash and wrong filenames in my checksum files because the original filenames contained a backslash.

Way to reproduce:
% touch test\\test.file
% b2sum test\\test.file

expected output:
786a02f742015903c6c6fd852552d272912f4740e15847618a86e217f71f5419d25e1031afee585313896444934eb04b903a685b1448b755d56f701afe9be2ce test\test.file

real broken output:
\786a02f742015903c6c6fd852552d272912f4740e15847618a86e217f71f5419d25e1031afee585313896444934eb04b903a685b1448b755d56f701afe9be2ce test\\test.file

Tested with coreutils 9.3 and coreutils 9.4 and LC_ALL=C
Btw any chance we get b3sum included in coreutils?

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