I think I might have found a bug in cvs (currently I
am using the version 1.11).

The problem occurs when I try to make an export
of a module which has one or more subdirectories
and if the file CVSROOT/rcsinfo contains a line

    "DEFAULT /myRepository/CVSROOT/commit.msg".

In that case an export command like

    cvs export -D 2002-04-25 cvs-test

stops with the following error message:

    cvs export: Updating cvs-test
    U cvs-test/file1
    U cvs-test/file2
    U cvs-test/file3
    cvs [export aborted]: cannot write <CVS/Template file>:
    No such file or directory

All the files in the top-level directory gets exported just
fine, but when it comes to enter a subdirectory, it seems
that cvs tries to write the CVS/Template file which will
fail because the CVS admin-directory isn't there (which,
of course, is normal, since I do an export).

If I delete the above mentioned line in CVSROOT/rcsinfo,
the export works pretty smooth, no problems at all.
If I change it to, let's say,

    "cvs-test /myRepository/CVSROOT/commit.msg"

then only the module cvs-test can't be exported, all
others will.

Modules without any subdirectories are always being
exported without errors, regardless of the contents
of CVSROOT/rcsinfo.

If I have left out any details that might be of
interest for you, please feel free to contact me.


    Michael Cohrs

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