cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot rename file ./CVS/Entries.Backup to ./CVS/Entries.: no such device or address
This or similar kind of rename error message may occur when checking out / exporting a module from the repository using the OpenVMS client 1_11_19

- it occurs with OpenVMS clients since version 1_9_x
- it only happens with large modules.
- it's not a file permission nor protection problem
- it's not process quota problem
- files are not locked.
- it's reproducible
- there are no problems in the repository and all files checkout perfectly when using SmartCVS (java cvs client) on OpenVMS
- the work around cvs update -d makes it possible to get the whole module checked out perfectly.
- it doesn't/didn't occur in OpenVMS client version 1_8_6
- it's not limited to one or two repository modules. All large module have similar checkout / export problem.
- Seems like an invalid file references or a buffer overflow

$ cvs checkout ds52
-f checkout: Updating ds52/lbrc/
-f checkout: Updating ds52/lbrc/source
U ds52/lbrc/source/
U ds52/lbrc/source/ds52_lbrc.opt
U ds52/lbrc/source/ds52_lbrc_main.for
U ds52/lbrc/source/
cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot rename file ./CVS/Entries.Backup to ./CVS/Entries.: no such device or address

Not yet known

CVS update -d

Questions/help request:
Q1: Why rewriting all entries (create a new entries file) in the [CVS] directory? (After each retrieved file from the repository within same directory)
Q2: Are or were their similar problems on other platforms in the past? if so what were the countermeasures?
Q3: Why using a temp file "entries.backup" ?
Q4: Why not appending the new "log file" entries directly in the current entries file?

Q5: Any idea's / pointers/ directions to search?

Piet Schuermans,
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