Dear All,

I'm slightly confused here. I've just (successfully) managed to recover my read-error-prone disk with dd_rhelp, and am trying to write a quick summary for my webpage. Can someone here explain to me a few things;

1)is ddrescue (GNU) related to dd_rescue:
I think not, but I wanted to check...

2)which supersedes which?

3)Does ddrescue need dd_rhelp?  Does it do the same thing?

4)The algorithm in the ddrescue info page isn't quite clear.
In particular, if the file is not completely recovered, does it write zeros to the places where there are damaged blocks, or is the output file left with missing bits?

I'm not on this mailing list, so please CC me in your replies,

Thank you,


Richard Neill, Trinity College, Cambridge, CB21TQ, U.K.

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