Hi Roberto,

Didn't see a response to the list to your question from a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps someone replied privately; if not, the ddrescue manual includes this paragraph:

Rescue domain
Block or set of blocks to be acted upon (rescued, listed, etc). You may define it with the options '--input-position', '--size', and '--domain-mapfile'. The rescue domain defaults to the whole input file or mapfile.

So in your example you could use

ddrescue -f -i 20000000s /dev/sdb /dev/sdc mapfile

(along with whatever other options you may wish to use like -d or -v).

Note that while the size following -i (short for --input-position) is by default in bytes, ddrescue accepts the suffix "s" for sectors, as well as G for gigabyte, Gi for gigibyte, etc., and in addition you can use Ms for megasector to make it more readable and avoid typing errors in the number of zeros. Note there is no space between the number and the suffix.

ddrescue -f -i 20Ms /dev/sdb /dev/sdc mapfile



On 2020-04-03 11:37 AM, Roberto Gini wrote:
Hello thank you for ddrescue

gently and kindly

In the manual I can't  find (or I'm not able to understand which is it) the
command to read only one portion of a certain RAW device

I mean, e..g HDD 500GB is some 976M sectors it is e.g. /dev/sdb

I will clone it on /dev/sdc

but I want to skip the first 20.000.000 sectors more or less the first 10GG

Which kindly is it the syntax to achieve this result?

Thank you


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