Hello !!  all the best!
I read all manual , that have a lot of information, but have no
information about what we do after the ddrescue finish the image
copy, the word copy, rescue, recover is ambiguous  and have no
clarefing information to good orientation about.
I use that ddrescue to copy image from the bad HD.
1) first step
sudo ddrescue -d -r 3  /dev/sdb4 /mnt/MyBook/AARESCUE/win10.img
In all tutorials web peoples don`t use  the  file.map, but file.log
Ok, have no good information in web to what next to do to recover the
image in other new HD ....
I use that , to my new ssd HD
2) second step
ddrescue -f win10.img /dev/sda1 win10-recover.logfile

But have no information to if in case of recover image in new HD (this
is about to recover all system, recover the old PC) ...
About to do that the new partition in HD have to be umount too, like
in the first step or not, I need proceed with the new HD partition
mounted !!.
I know that this email is about bug, but I consider that like a ``Bug
Sorry I`m developer and know improve good knowlege to do recover works
, but in this case is my own computer ...
Thanks in advanced, and sorry something ...misunderstood..

Cesar Alex

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