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There's a talk on Xigmanas forums (custom FreeBSD OS NAS) about SSD with
ddrescue and dd:
(see #10 & 11).

I get an "Internal server error" when trying to access that page.

Does ddrescue work on SSD & NVMe?

Ddrescue should work with any device for which the kernel provides a block device name.

I've done clones of SSDs with ddrescue but they were brand new, so can't
say for sure if ddrescue detects bad cells on them to try to rescue them.

Ddrescue does not "detect bad cells". It is the device driver the one that detects them and returns a "read error" to ddrescue.

Also, is there a way, on SSD or NVMe, to get the files' names lying in
bad sectors with ddrescue?

The same methods used for hard discs should work because they are performed on the copy. See http://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/manual/ddrescue_manual.html#Fill-mode

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