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val wrote:
I would like to resume the data recovery I started using the latest
version of ddrescue (i.e. use ddrescue 1.25 with a mapfile and already
recovered data from ddrescue 1.17).

Since the status line was added to the mapfile (then logfile) in version 1.6 (2007) old mapfiles are compatible with newer versions of ddrescue. The field 'current_pass' was added to the mapfile in version 1.22 (2017), but it is optional and its absence should not cause problems.

But to be sure, make a copy of the old mapfile before passing it to ddrescue 1.25 so that you still can resume the rescue using the copy if something bad happens.

Is this possible without corrupting the data that I already recovered?

Different versions of ddrescue may copy the data blocks in different order, but they should never corrupt the data (copying some block to the wrong place).

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