I posted this question at StackExchange.

Short version:  Gnu ddrescue 1.22 truncates recovered files on
completion to vastly shorter than the recovered data.
* Files are on a Samba server with more than 4 TB free.
* smbclient version is 4.7.6
* smbd version is 4.11.6
* If ddrescue is invoked with -p (preallocate), the preallocation
takes forever (compared to the recovery and write to file) but the
resulting file is correct (not truncated).

It's been some time there, with no replies.  Also, every computer in
the example has been rebooted since that question was posted.  The bug
is still present.  Any ideas?

This is really two bugs: truncation and glacial preallocation.
    -- Eric Towers ! fuzzye...@gmail.com

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