My name is Ricardo Ortega


I am using ddrescue & ddrescueview for a long time rescueing data from
damaged devices


Congratulations for your job


I am interested in adding some features to ddrescue but the handling of
mapfile.cc and rescuebook.cc exceeds me


I suggest you to add some sort of sectormap to ddrescue to identify if a
block is zeros (null or binary zeros)

I would suggest a plugin to analyze the sector / block contents (in sector
chunks) to identify in a single pass or in a single map the actual contents
of the cloned regions (zero, mbr, boot sector, start of pdf, etc. I can
handle all this. I have a large collection of signatures, so, the task is
suited for me. But the mapfile.cc file and the rescuebook.cc file exceeds my
C++ expertise and I do not want mess with these files


So if you can, please add a sort of plugin callable from the correct place
(passing the iobuf() pointer (chunk of data) and the size (in bytes or
sectors or any applicable) That is enough for me


The objective is to determine as easy as ddrescueview the actual general
contents of the cloned regions (zeros, start of partition, start of pdf,
start of any magic the user wants) in a C header, in an ini or .signature
file or else you may decide


Thanks in advance


Ricardo Ortega

ricardo.ort...@libresoft.ec <mailto:ricardo.ort...@libresoft.ec> 

Quito, Ecuador






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