Shaya Potter wrote:
so in my process of trying to recover an ntfs file system with mft
segments extremely difficult to read.  my process is to find the 1024
byte block in the mft that is causing problems and add that to my
"loose" domain map file.  The problem I have is, those elements still
have to be in order.  Which is doable, but somewhat annoying (I do
figure I could probably sort it after I add elements).  Perhaps it be
a win for "loose" domain map files to also allow segments to be out of
order not just gaps?

I have looked at it and I think that accepting a domain mapfile made of unordered (but non overlapping) blocks is doable without affecting the reading of normal mapfiles.

This feature will be surely present in the next version of ddrescue, to be released in a week or so. Stay tuned.

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